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Why is it so hard to feel comfortable in our own skin? And as that skin gets older, why do we still feel like young kids, still trying to figure things out? This story is about a young woman who learns about love, youth and possibility from a very old man.

Although I’d love to experience something as magical as what happened to Persey, the people and events in this story are 100% unrelated to my own life. The idea for this story began one morning in 2014, while I was coasting between reality and a very vivid dream about living in a tree house. Up in this tree house, surrounded by breeze and birds and calm, I’d noticed a large lever sticking out of the trunk. I’d mistaken it for a branch, but when I pulled on it, I felt a low rumble and heard the crunching of waking gears. The tree house rotated one hundred and eighty degrees and everything changed. I had a new view with fresh possibilities. I was overcome by an empowered ease. As I let the dream settle in my mind, Persey appeared and then Adam came along, then Persey’s dad and her friend Kirby… then Shady Pines popped into existence, along with Denise and Rodger… and then .

If you listen to this story and enjoy it, please tell me (dora at dorahenry dot com)! That would make me very happy.